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On the off chance that someone from my twitter account clicks on the link to my blog, I suspect it would be good if it were a little more current. =)

Granted, I’m not supposed to have time to blog these days. I’m on FMLA after the birth of my 3rd child. She’s so easy, though: sleeps a lot. The hard part is keeping my two-year-old son from “loving” on her too much. Constant vigilance, as Mad Eye Moody would say.

First Day Home -- June 2011

I started my twitter account during our start-of-year inservice because the speaker told us to do so. It wasn’t a bad keynote, but it was a lot of him on the computer showing us tech stuff and us watching…which isn’t a very effective delivery message to 1000 people in a stuffy HS auditorium. So I made my twitter account and started following people…him included. (He doesn’t tweet much).

So far, so good! You all share things I’d never find on my own. I click, read, then save some of those to delicious.com for safe keeping. It is a whole new educational world out there!

And you know what I’m finding? I’m not alone in my thinking. There are those of you out there who are teaching because you want to help students develop critical thinking skills, to be ready for the world that has already left so much of education behind. Some of you LOVE technology and are using it effectively in the classroom…not just as $500 pencil/paper. You want to teach using projects and real-life problem solving. You want to connect with other classrooms across the world, and have your students learn other cultures through collaboration, not text books.

I like this twitter thing! I’m getting up the courage to start posting hashtags that people actually follow. (Perhaps, I’ll know I’ve arrived when I post my first #edchat…that is one powerful hashtag there.)

Teaching is not just my classroom–as a special ed teacher who co-teaches…a lot…I know that already–my network need not be limited to my colleagues (though we are developing into an effective PLC). The world is RIGHT HERE.

Welcome to my blog.

And me, welcome back to my blog. I will find time to use you.

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