I had entirely too much fun on Twitter today.  Friday night I noticed a couple of posts with #pencilchat tacked on (though it looked to start earlier than that).  I’m used to #edchat or #pick-an-elementary-grade-chat, but #pencilchat was new.  I however was on my way to work on my ‘novel’ so I didn’t pursue it.

When I popped back on Twitter this morning, I found quite a few #pencilchats in my feed.  This time I followed it, and kept checking back through the day.  Sarcasm (frustration) was the main type of tweet as people substituted ‘pencil’ for ‘computer’ or ‘technology’ or similar.

I am fortunate to work in a district that embraces the pencil as best we can.  We aren’t a rich district, but we’ve put money into pencils and we have great pencil support.  Every classroom at my school has pencils in it if the teacher wants pencils in it, and if they don’t, there are four dozen portable pencils for the students to use.  It is a good set up and my colleagues and I challenge each other to use pencils for more than just fill-in-the-blanks.

Read more about #pencilchat in this article: “Why #Pencilchat May Be the Most Clever Education Allegory Ever.”

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