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100 Word Challenge:  Week #24 You have five words that MUST be included in your writing so you can use 105 words only! The words are:  Carefully   Fifty   Spider   White   Pushed


One day there was a white spider named Spike. He was feisty and mean. The spider pushed his friend named Rose and he said, “move over old lady.’’ She did not like when he is mean so she carefully pushed him over a well. He said ’’why did you do that!!!’’  She said back because your mean and you pushed me. Then Spike found fifty dollars suddenly in the well. Rose thought of something and she said’’ I will help you up only if you give me the fifty dollars.’’ Spike said back WHAT! ok so he give her the fifty dollars she said’’ thanks Bye.’’

by Justina

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  1.   Mrs Skinner Says:

    Hello Spike!

    This is a super story that has a happy ending! It is good that your characters helped each other I think! Thank you for sharing your work on the 100WC!

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