Shout Out to Selo!

Yesterday I spent my day at a different site–one that you first drive literally to the end of the road, hike down switchbacks,  walk a mile on the beach and finally get to the school.  My less-than-physically-fit self feels it today.  I can only imagine what shape I would be in if I had had to hike back UP the switchbacks….it is about a 1000 foot change in elevation.  (Thank you, Mr. White, for the ride!)

What awaits at the end of that journey is a school full of beautiful students (no, really…you should see the dresses they wear) who seem happy to be in school and engaged in their learning activities.  What you also find is a staff who loves the students and literally goes the extra mile to be there for their students.

Thank you, Selo Staff, for hosting me…and thank you too for being there for the students.  I’ve seen your numbers;  you are doing good things!  Way to go!

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