My “Daily 5” Baseline

One thing I want to explore this year is The Daily 5.  My baseline of understanding of it was that a lot of teachers on Twitter and Pinterest do something called The Daily 5, and there was something to do with a cafe and of course it has a hashtag #d5chat.

That was last semester.  I’m a little further along in my understanding, though not by much.  I bought the book but haven’t looked at it yet.  I know there are five components (ok, that is a ‘duh’ observation) and it supports literacy instruction.    But I’m intrigued and in an instructional place where I can incorporate the ideas into the elementary reading/language group I will work with this year.  I am looking forward to learning more about The Daily 5 through social media and classroom implementation.

The Daily 5

  • Read to self
  • Work on writing
  • Word Work
  • Listen to reading
  • Read to Someone


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