Expository v. Narrative Writing

We are starting Expository Writing.  Here is what we know so far about Expository v. Narrative writing:


Wrote these stories 1st Quarter
Has characters
There’s problems in it (conflicts).
Narrative stories have solutions (resolutions).
They have setting.
Beginning (Characters, setting, conflict)
Middle (between the conflict and solution, rising action)
End (the solution and the falling actions)
They are fun to write.


Do they have settings, too?
What is it?
Does it have to do with anything of a narrative writing?
Can they have settings, problems and solutions but they are real?
Do they have a narrator?
Is it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person?

We do know that…

Expository is non-fiction writing.  They are fun to write, sometimes.

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