Apple TV and Other Distractible Tech


A student just told me, you probably shouldn’t have hooked the Apple TV up. He and another student are dueling over the AirPlay feed. It is humorous to watch, and also quite necessary. Friday they will use the iPads and Haiku Deck for a presentation related to Around the World in 80 Days. It’s the first iPad presentation in our school and even if it isn’t is the most polished, it has been a good process to get to that point.

Many teachers seem to fear technology for this very reason; the students will just mess around and not work. Well, of course they will mess around but at some point, and it doesn’t take very long, they shift to using the technology for learning. If the tech stays locked away and comes out only occasion then it might as well stay locked away. Teachers need to allow for ‘play time’ as time well spent upfront when using new technology in the classroom.

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