Starting the Discussion: Employability Standards

October 15, 2009



It’s the State of Alaska’s fault, really.  This is their standard from the State of Alaska website:

“EMPLOYABILITY STANDARD 1:  A student should be able to develop and be able to use employability skills in order to effectively make the transition from school to work and lifelong learning.


 A student who meets the content standard should: 

1) develop and maintain a work ethic necessary for success in the workplace that includes honesty, integrity, dependability, punctuality, self-discipline, initiative, reliability, accuracy, productivity, respect, and perseverance; “


The question comes, how do we measure that?  How do you as a student and I as a teacher provide data that we are teaching and you are learning how to do this standard?

This affects so much in your schooling: 
…turn in a paper on time, you are dependable and punctual. 
…decide to jump into a project that is beyond what is required, you have initiative. 
…speak softly and with great compassion, you have respect.
…admit that you made poor choices instead of coming up with excuses, you have integrity.

So I’m giving this back to you.  We need to start this talk because accountibility is coming for this standard and I don’t know how to measure it.  Here are some questions to think about, and post about, please.

1.  What actually do all those words up there mean? 
2.  How can we measure it? 

This is a brainstorm.  Anything goes.  Nothing is stupid.  I really want to know what you think.  It’s your education, not mine…(or is it?)



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