My Next Three

I’ve just finished #ASTE15, the annual conference for the Alaska Society for Technology in Education.  One of the best parts?  Hearing Vicki Davis, aka CoolCatTeacher, speak about teaching in the 21st century inspired me.  One thing she says is to “innovate like a turtle” as to not take too much on, but always have your “next three” ready to go so you are always moving forward.

My next three:

1.  Add more accountability to Genius Hour through rubrics, organizers, and planners.

2.  Mystery Skype with another Alaskan classroom.

3.  Start blogging for real.

I have more #ASTE15 thoughts, of course, and will kick a new blog off with those ideas.  Education is wide open right now, yet pressed in on every side.  It’s time to add to that conversation.

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