Starting Place

I promised the 3rd and 4th graders an online video to display recent work regarding spelling rules.  What I would love is for them to tell me, “Mrs, Stading!  We want to do an online video for _____________!” but I know they aren’t there yet. However, if you are ever going to move forward, you have to start somewhere.

Animoto might be that place for them.  I know it is my starting place.

What I like about Animoto is that it does all the fancy stuff for you…you just add words, photos and videos.  It is also super easy to revise.  For example, the first version of the video doesn’t showcase the student work very well…but the animation is lovely.   So I tried a different version and now it is about the students, and not about Animoto.

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4 Comments to “Starting Place”

  1.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    On the YouTube video, click the Share link, then click Embed and copy the iframe code. Then go back to your post, click the HTML tab to edit, and paste the iframe code in. Make sure to update your changes – the video should show. I embedded the first video into your post, above.

  2.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    Another reason the videos might not appear is they are by default blocked from student accounts. Have a great time over the Holidaze!

  3.   Mrs. Stading Says:

    Right, I know I’m limiting viewership for students by using youtube, etc…but oh well. Thanks…I’ll try embedding the other.

  4.   Mrs. Stading Says:

    Bah, the embed thing. It worked, then it didn’t. Maybe next time I do the whole post in HTML and not switch to Visual?

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