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My Creative Writing students contribute to a blog each week, “Write.  Then Write More.” The entries will be mostly guided journal responses, but it will also feature some of their on-going projects.

Right now we are in a writing assignment about point of view:  write a short piece in your ‘go-to’ narrator style (mine is 3rd Person Limited).  Then revise that piece twice so that by the end of the assignment, the story is told in three points of view:  1st Person, 3rd Person Limited and 3rd Person Omniscient.

I want to do 2nd Person point of view writing with the students, but not for this assignment.  2nd Person, where the writer is speaking to the reader in the most simple of explanations,  is incredibly difficult to write in fiction.  I think we’ll have to read some of it, first.

So, gentle reader, read more about Point of View in this article and google “2nd person narrative stories” for more information about the concept.

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