Back to School, Back to Blogging

Anyone else excited to be back at school?  Anyone else overwhelmed yet?

I switched classrooms this summer and am finishing up the environment part of the work; there is still much to do in planning and all the paperwork that comes with my job…already!  I will keep SMART goals for paperwork this school year, and I will post my progress.  A cool ticker would be nice, like how much money to raise for a building but something to do with percentages of goals met.

You know, people say teaching is all about the kids.  It is largely about the kids, yes.  It is also about the families and the federal requirements of teaching.  How to balance, then, the smiles of the kids each day with the papers that come along with them.

That might be the first thing:  daily paperwork.  I might also imagine all of those little pieces of papers smiling at me, too, and the closer to completion for whatever it is, the bigger the smile gets.  It will have to be something because no matter how dynamic the kids are, poor paperwork is poor teaching.

This year isn’t about how it has always been done, it is about how do we (I) do this teaching thing better.  Stick around to see how that goes…also stick around to see how the classroom goes, too.  I want my students to be learners this year, and I will be blogging about that journey, too.

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2 Comments to “Back to School, Back to Blogging”

  1.   kriste Says:

    R. What is a SMART goal. I hear people talk about them from time to time

  2.   Mrs. Stading Says:

    Off the top of my head, it is a goal that is …


    It isn’t much different than IEP goals, actually.

    “Do better with my paperwork” is not a SMART goal.

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